What is the Catholic Impact Investing Pledge?

This Pledge is an effort to galvanize the Catholic investment community to commit to taking meaningful and accountable steps to incorporate impact investment into their portfolio in alignment with Catholic Social Teachings and the urgency for action around environmental and social justice issues.

This Pledge is comprised of two sections, principles and commitments. The Pledge Principles outline why CIIC believes impact investment is an important element of Catholic investor’s portfolio. The Pledge Commitments are the explicit next-steps that any signatory is agreeing to pursue.

Pledge Partners

Our community of pledge partners includes a core group of pioneering Catholic institutions who have led the way on impact investing. This group has committed not only to maintaining their focus on internal impact investment programs but is also interested in helping to grow the broader ecosystem of Catholic impact investing.

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To learn more about the Pledge Principles & Commitments,

you can read, download and sign the pledge here.