Steps to Take with CIIC


Get Connected to a Peer

Some of the most impactful and useful conversations that we have been able to facilitate at CIIC have been peer to peer. The opportunity to talk to a fellow CFO, Religious Leader, or investment consultant gives you the opportunity to hear from someone who has had to navigate the distinct challenges and eccentricities of your space in traveling their impact journey.

All of the impact story participants have offered to make themselves available for follow-up conversations with peers and many of the participants listed have expressed similar willingness. If you wish to get connected to a peer please reach out to CIIC Steering Committee member John O’Shaughnessy at

Find your closest gathering

CIIC aims to annually host an in-person gathering on the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast. These gatherings are an opportunity to meet with other peer CIIC members to learn more about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities that other investors and advisors are seeing in the Catholic Impact Investing community. If you have any desire in participating or helping to organize one of these gatherings, please reach out to membership and outreach Pat Dinneen at .



explore resources

The resources page at CIIC lists some of the most useful and relevant studies and toolkits we have found for learning more about the impact space. Additionally we encourage you to read through past “Impact Stories” to see what Catholic impact looks like in practice for different institutions.  If you have any additional suggestions or resources to share, stories to tell, or wish to learn more about what we have seen please reach out to the steering committee at